Costly Mistakes Pet Owners Make When Choosing Insurance (And How To Avoid Them!)

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As a pet parent, you know you’d do practically anything to keep your fur baby healthy and happy. But making the wrong choice for pet insurance could put their wellbeing at serious risk and cost you an absolute FORTUNE down the road if they get injured or ill.

With veterinary fees skyrocketing year after year, going without protection is just not an option anymore. A single emergency trip can easily run £1000+ these days. And major treatments like cancer care or orthopedic surgery can result in four-figure vet bills arriving in your mailbox overnight!

So while paying for a policy feels like just another monthly bill, viewing it as an investment in your pet’s future is far more accurate. Having coverage in place lets you breath easier knowing you’ll be able to afford doing whatever is needed medically without financial hardship.

But securing the right protection takes a bit of savvy. Pet parents who don’t do their homework often end up choosing poorly or vastly OVERpaying for coverage packed with exclusions or limits. And once pre-existing conditions get tagged on your pet’s medical history, there’s no going back.

By becoming an educated consumer now BEFORE choosing a provider, you’ll dodge the biggest and most expensive mistakes. Then you can find an affordable policy tailored specifically for your unique needs. So keep reading to discover where other pet owners commonly go wrong and simple tips to avoid disaster!

Section 1: Shopping Without Comparing Quotes

 Imagine driving from car dealership to car dealership haggling to get the best deal before buying your vehicle. Then picture instead just walking into the first lot you see, paying full list price for the first sedan they show you, and driving it home without any further thought. Crazy, right?!

Yet that’s exactly what countless pet owners do when getting coverage for their beloved animals. Many just go with the first insurer they across in an ad or what a random neighbor or family member uses without comparing other options on the market.

Big mistake! Policy costs and coverage details vary TREMENDOUSLY across providers. And special discounts you may qualify for need to be proactively asked about. Considering only one carrier can easily result in overpaying by hundreds of dollars annually compared to what you could be saving if you did some comparison shopping.

For example, accidents and illnesses coverage for a 1 year old Labrador Retriever can range from £15 to £60+ per month between insurers. So shopping around for quotes before committing to protect your pet is as crucial as with any other insurance policy.

Fortunately, rather than having to call multiple companies asking for rates, you can access our cost-comparison portal online to instantly generate bespoke quotes from top pet insurers all in one place. Just answer a few quick questions about your pet and you’ll receive personalized premium estimates for consideration, along with policy overviews.

Comparing these apples-to-apples quotes side-by-side makes determining the right coverage level and provider for your particular pet’s needs and your budget a total breeze! There’s no obligation to purchase either. But 9 times out of 10, our applicants uncover they can get superior protection for less by using our free service rather than going direct. Give it a try now and within minutes uncover if we can connect you with more affordable coverage too!

Section 2: Letting Low Premiums Trick You

Pet insurance ads boasting rock bottom rates are certainly enticing. But falling for them by focusing exclusively on monthly price tags is one shortcut to massive regret. Policies with ultra cheap premiums may seem like bargains initially. But they almost always end up being penny wise and pound foolish!

Why? Because cut-rate plans achieve such low rates primarily by including far more exclusions, limitations and required deductibles that leave you financially on the hook for almost everything when the going gets tough medically for your pet.

Essentially you pay in a little each month for the illusion of protection that vanishes precisely when you need it most. And once pre-existing conditions get marked on your pet’s medical chart, there’s no reversing course and upgrading coverage later on.

Let’s illustrate with an example. Say Buddy is an adopted terrier mix who comes to live with you at age 2. His first couple years, you keep costs down buying a basic accident-only policy for £10/month. Seemed like a great deal!

Initially, accidents were all you worried about protecting Buddy from and it covered him just fine the first year for some cuts, bites and porcupine quills.

But during his annual checkup this year, the vet discovered Buddy has early onset arthritis and recommends medication, therapy and future joint supplements. Uh oh...that £10 bargain policy provides zero illness coverage. And arthritis is now a pre-existing condition no provider will touch. Your only options are paying out of pocket for treatment indefinitely or making difficult choices about Buddy’s care plan you can afford.

Whereas had you invested just £20 more per month initially in superior accident AND illness protection, you’d likely be fully covered today for Buddy’s emerging health issues!

Moral of this story: don’t let ultra cheap premiums trick you! Forego frills in your own life if need be. But pay a little more upfront investing in comprehensive coverage for your pet. Having a well-constructed safety net ALWAYS pays dividends long run!

Section 3: Overlooking Excluded Conditions

As touched on briefly already, exclusions are the dirty devils hiding in policy details that come back later to bite uninformed pet owners. Sure, having coverage beats going naked. But some insurers today exclude so MANY common hereditary, congenital and chronic illnesses that they leaves massive holes in your safety net precisely when catastrophic costs come into play down the road.

Pre-existing conditions are always excluded, of course. That’s standard for any type of insurance. But many pet policies now also specifically omit inherited conditions, cruciate ligament issues, cancer, kidney disease, skin allergies, ear infections, dental disease, behavioral disorders, pregnancy and related complications plus a laundry list more of typical pet illnesses.

Ouch! Anything on this naughty list that your pet ends up battling won’t be covered financially by such policies. And you can bet these pricier to treat problems are exactly what owners hope insurance will help handle.

Let’s say you choose one such insurer because premiums seem so attractively cheap. Then a few years later, your cat Missy gets diagnosed with diabetes, irritable bowel disease and overgrown teeth putting her at high risk for costly abscesses in the future...NONE of which the plan covers since they are all hereditary or chronic conditions. What seemed like a bargain buy now leaves you footing 100% of Missy’s care out of pocket!

Whereas a more robust policy with higher premiums but less exclusions would be actively helping pay these expenses to keep Missy healthy. So while restrictions let some insurers quote lower rates upfront, they often just lead to much larger vet invoices landing in your mailbox down the road.

Moral here: don’t just glance at premiums when selecting coverage! Carefully inspect what medical challenges are carved out by exclusions too before deciding. Protecting against common breed-specific and chronic conditions especially will prove smart long run!

Section 4: Skipping Out On Wellness Add-ons

As crazy at it seems, almost half of pet parents today still opt just for basic accident & illness policies without wellness add-ons or riders. But limiting your protection to only catastrophic medical events requiring emergency vet care or hospitalization is extremely short-sighted!

The vast majority of pet parents today recognize THE most important component for keeping companion animals healthy and minimizing medical issues is consistent preventative care. We know the drill - annual exams, vaccinations, routine diagnostics plus regular dental cleanings and maintenance medications for chronic conditions.

Yet among policy holders focused solely on accident and injury coverage, over 75% admit skipping some recommended preventative visits due to financial constraints. And a staggering 60% say they’ve delayed having a pet’s concerning symptom examined because money was tight that month!

But choosing a policy with an integrated wellness add-on totally flips this script! Now you’ve got an allocated pool of funds every year to tap into paying for Fido’s flea and heartworm meds....Whisker’s twice annual dental cleanings...annual exams and booster shots for both. No more nixing recommended preventative care due to budget woes!

And the ROI on this added coverage goes way beyond just affording regular well visits for your pet. Having this consistent wellness foundation minimizes downstream issues and medical crises requiring emergency care down the road. So your overall lifetime vet costs end up far lower AND your pet stays healthier...that’s win-win!

Plus most wellness tiers also include bonus perks like coverage for grooming, boarding, advertising if your pet goes missing, cremation services and much more!

So step up your protection plan investing in wellness today! Preventative care is THE #1 way to support whole body health for your animal companion. And letting an add-on fund this puts your pocketbook and your pet’s wellbeing ahead long run!


If reading through all these common but critically damaging mistakes other loving pet parents make choosing coverage has shown you anything, it’s how crucial proactively educating yourself on policies AND your particular pet’s needs is before securing protection.

Yes, sorting through exclusions, coverage tiers and limits can quickly get overwhelming and confusing. Pet insurance terminology almost seems like another language at times! But viewing picking a provider like hiring a new employee can help simplify things.

You likely wouldn’t just randomly select someone to watch your house and care for your family without vetting them thoroughly first, right? Of course not! That would be careless and irresponsible.

Well, your chosen pet insurer will play an equally vital support role safeguarding your pet’s health and your financial wellbeing for the next 10-15 years. So taking time to carefully inspect “applicants” checking on capabilities, competencies and compatibility is equally important.

The good news is you don’t have to go through this comparison process alone. Our dedicated pet insurance specialists have already done the exhaustive provider vetting FOR you as pet parents too. We’ll happily walk you through Differences between policies, decipher confusing terminology, point out priority areas for YOUR pet to have protected and ensure you receive maximum coverage for your budget.

Saving you money is important. But saving your PET is our top priority! We partner only with top-rated insurers passing our strict qualification criteria for comprehensive protection pet parents can actually count on. So if you’re overwhelmed or unsure how to choose coverage for your cat or dog, let us simplify the process for you!

To get affordable quotes for truly tailored coverage from A-rated insurers within minutes, just click HERE or tap the button below now to provide details on your pet. Discover how securing the RIGHT protection ASAP ultimately saves you thousands over your pet’s lifetime!

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