How Much Money Can I Take As A Loan Into Brazil?

How Much Money Can I Take As A Loan Into Brazil?

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Brazil is the largest country in South America and has a growing economy. However, bringing in large amounts of foreign currency into Brazil is regulated. This article will provide an overview of the loan amounts you can bring into Brazil as a foreigner.

Who Can Take Out A Loan To Bring Into Brazil?

  • Brazilian citizens living abroad - They can take out loans in their country of residence to use in Brazil. There are no restrictions.
  • Foreigners with permanent or temporary Brazilian residency - They can take loans in their home country or country of residence to bring into Brazil. The amounts allowed depend on the type of visa.
  • Tourists or short-term visitors - Generally cannot take loans to bring into Brazil, except for some special cases outlined below.

What Are The Loan Amount Limits For Foreigners With Brazilian Visas?

The Brazilian Central Bank regulates how much foreign funds and loans people can bring into Brazil based on their visa type:

  • Permanent visa - No restrictions. Can take any loan amount.
  • Temporary visa (VITEM V) - Can take up to USD 100,000 per year on loans.
  • Temporary visa (VITEM IV) - Can take up to USD 10,000 per year on loans.
  • Tourist visa - Generally cannot take loans to bring into Brazil. Some exceptions below.
  • Business visa - Can take loans required for their business activities in Brazil.
  • Student visa - Can take loans required for living expenses and tuition. Usually up to USD 2,000 per month.
  • Others (refugee, religious, athlete, artist, etc.) - Varies by visa type. Usually a limit of USD 10,000 per year.

So in summary, the loan amount limits depend on your visa status in Brazil. Permanent residents have no restrictions, while temporary residents have annual limits that range from USD 10,000 to 100,000.

Exceptions For Tourists To Bring In Loan Funds

While tourists generally cannot take out loans to bring into Brazil, some exceptions exist:

  • Loan to cover trip costs - Tourists can take loans to cover costs of their trip such as hotels, tours, etc while in Brazil. Limit is USD 10,000.
  • Medical treatment loans - Can take loans to cover medical treatments and hospital costs in Brazil, with supporting documentation.
  • Conference / event loans - Can take loans to cover costs of attending a conference, competition, or sponsored event in Brazil.
  • Educational program loans - Loans can be taken to pay for educational exchange programs or Portuguese language programs based in Brazil.

So tourists do have some limited exceptions allowing them to take small loans out to bring into Brazil under specific circumstances like medical care or educational programs.

Getting The Loan Funds Into Brazil

The way the loan funds are brought into Brazil matters:

  • Cash carry-on - Up to USD 10,000 can be brought in cash without declaration. Higher amounts must be declared.
  • Cash checked baggage - Up to USD 10,000 can be brought in per person. Must be declared if over USD 10,000.
  • International wire transfer - Loans can be wired directly to a Brazilian bank account. No limits. Easier to document source of funds.
  • Traveler's checks - No limits but must be declared if over USD 10,000. Not commonly used anymore.
  • Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin and other cryptocoins can be used. Declare if over USD 10,000 value.

So simpler methods like carry-on cash, checked cash, and wire transfer are the most common ways foreigners bring in loan funds. Technically no limits on wired funds. Declarations ensure compliance with regulations.

Documentation Needed For Loans

To avoid issues when entering Brazil with loan funds, it's recommended to have documentation showing:

  • Loan agreement - Contract showing loan amount, lender, purpose, terms, etc.
  • Recent bank statements - Statements showing the loan transaction from lender.
  • Visa - A copy of your current Brazilian visa.
  • Letter of invitation (if applicable) - Invitation letter from school, business, etc in Brazil.

Having this paperwork readily available will make the process smoother when passing through customs and declaring any cash or wire transfers over USD 10,000.

Taxes On Loans

One consideration is that loans from foreign sources brought into Brazil may be subject to the Imposto sobre Operações Financeiras (IOF) tax.

  • IOF tax rate is currently 6% for most foreign loans.
  • Applies to loans exceeding USD 5,000 in a 30 day period.
  • Tax is assessed on the full loan amount, not just the amount over USD 5,000.

So be aware larger foreign loans may have a 6% IOF tax that reduces the actual usable loan funds in Brazil.


  • Permanent residents can take out unlimited loans abroad for use in Brazil.
  • Temporary residents have annual loan limits from USD 10,000 to 100,000 depending on visa type.
  • Tourists generally cannot take loans, but some exceptions exist for medical, conferences, etc.
  • Cash, wire transfers, cryptocurrency are common ways to bring in funds.
  • Documentation like loan agreements and bank statements should be carried.
  • IOF tax may apply to foreign loans over USD 5,000.

So in summary, loan options to bring into Brazil vary based on your visa status. But even tourists have some exceptions for small loans under special circumstances like medical care or attending events.

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